Mark Farina "Bliznobia" 1993.

    This classic mix tape comes to us by one of House Music's most well known and loved DJ's, Mark Farina. Mark was an Chicago native and was involved in the rave and club scene of the early 90's before taking his trademark sound to San Fransisco. Prior to his current mix series "Mushroom Jazz" which will be at number 7 soon, there were a series of mix tapes that gave us his bled of soul full, jazz and house. "Bliznobia" was one of those tapes that with others from that time had Farina tuning in his sound that 16 years later we would still be enjoyed by fans. I'm not sure but it's safe to say that Bliznobia" came out sometime in 1993. I was given this tape to convert to mp3 by a friend and after doing a quick search online I didn't see it up anywhere so I decided to post it on the blog. Being that it was on a 90 min tape, I did my best to clean up the mix and bring up the levels. This one is a classic for sure!

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Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.


  1. I heard next week they are announcing the pre-order for mushroom jazz 7 at

  2. What's up Gus! It's Stephen from back in the day! I was just thinking of Datman! What's that dude up to? I miss Bill at the club!

    Hit me up on facebook.

    Thanks for the mix too! Happy I Googled Datman and it brought me here!

  3. used to get his tapes from grammaphone in chicago. nice!


  4. Thanks for the support and comments! Mark always put it down funky. Cheers!

  5. Nice, miss thoose days ! @ChicagoHouse#CongressTheater#Raves#early 90's!

    Chuck Dilla San Diego

  6. Thanks for the comment! Yeah I miss them days too!

  7. Came out at the end of 93. He played this lineup, almost verbatum, at a NYE party at Rainbow. One of my favorites.

  8. Wheres the MP3 (or better yet, WAV/FLAC) download?!